Linux to Finally Kill Windows in Europe?

In the future, Linux might very well have a fighting chance on European soil, against Windows. Following Microsoft’s Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Brad Smith did not rush to anticipate a worry free outcome for the Redmond company over the pond. Although the dismissal of the company’s appeal by the Court of First Instance of Luxembourg, was a clear indication of the full support of both the European Commission’s 2004 antitrust ruling against Microsoft, and of the €497 million financial penalty, Smith argued that additional third-party claims could follow.

In this context, the Globalisation Institute, “a think tank developing policy options on issues related to the single market, environment, regulation, international development, and trade liberalization” in the European Union offered Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes the suggestion that all original equipment manufacturers as well as system builders in Europe, renounce the Windows operating system in favor of nothing. This is obviously a plea for the open source Linux platform. However, camouflaged behind this initiative designed to promote consumer choice of Linux over Windows, is the actual need to cut back Microsoft’s grip over the operating system market.