Scottish Open Source Awards announce Partnership

Partnering with the Scottish Software Awards is great news for The Scottish Open Source Awards. Among the benefits of the Partnership are the great strengths of the Scottish Software Awards experience of organising awards (this is their 5th year).

The Scottish Software Awards are organised by Targeting Innovation and Straightline Publishing. Targeting Innovation provides technology and business management consulting services and project management for the public sector and is based in Glasgow. Straightline Publishing has been publishing since 1989 and has extensive and proven experience of high quality corporate publishing services.

Greg Soper, on behalf of the Scottish Open Software Awards said, “We think that this is a positive move. It positions Open Source in the mainstream of Scottish Software, while quite clearly marking it out as being different.”

There are some important changes to the Scottish Open Source Awards entry process. There will now be one Open Source Award, the Scottish Open Source Excellence Award which can be given to either an individual, a project or an organisation. Entry to the Awards is now extended to October 22nd 2007. The winners will be announced at the Scottish Software Awards dinner at the Glasgow Radisson SAS, on November 23rd 2007. Sun Microsystems will present the Scottish Open Source Excellence Award at the Awards dinner.

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