Levanta 6.0 Automation in Linux-based Data Centers

Levanta today announced a family of no-compromise data center automation solutions for growing Linux environments. With the release of Levanta 6.0, Levanta adds end-to-end automation capabilities to its existing best-of-breed line of Intrepid Linux lifecycle management solutions. The Levanta solutions are designed to enhance the resiliency and up-time of business-critical applications running on Linux in both corporate and departmental data centers. Levanta 6.0 delivers fully-integrated system and application monitoring and policy-driven automation of Linux system management functions in easy to deploy appliances, resulting in significantly lower cost and shorter implementation time.

Levanta 6.0 enables Linux-based enterprises to become significantly more agile by dynamically deploying and re-purposing server resources in response to changes in their business needs. System administrators can rapidly deploy Levanta 6.0 to increase the resiliency of their physical and virtual Linux data center environments while reducing management time, effort, and costs. On average, Levanta customers achieve operational savings of 78%.

“As more and more enterprises run their business-critical applications on Linux, it is crucial to have management solutions that are designed specifically to address the unique challenges associated with Linux.” said Eric Gries, CEO of Levanta. “There are a number of established data center automation vendors with great traction in multi-OS environments, but most of them have made trade-offs in favor of Windows or their proprietary flavor of Unix. Linux isn’t a priority for them, it has remained a check-off item for the most part. With 6.0, Levanta is stepping up to the plate to fill this gap in the market and bring no-compromise enterprise-grade automation functionality to the Linux datacenters.”

By adding server monitoring and a configurable rules engine to the already production-proven Linux lifecycle management capabilities of its current products, Levanta 6.0 allows users to automatically detect operational conditions that require action, and trigger appropriate responses to address them, based on pre-defined policies. Within a single fully-integrated interface, Levanta 6.0 users can:

--Detect conditions such as server overloads, storage capacity issues, or system failures.

--Automatically respond by adding capacity, repurposing hardware, or restoring malfunctioning servers, all within minutes.

--Rapidly provision Linux OS and complete application stacks on a variety of platforms, including servers, diskless blades and virtual machines.

--Track all changes made to Linux systems without changing current processes.

--Recover broken systems, even unbootable ones, quickly and safely using file-level restore.

--Seamlessly manage servers, diskless blades and virtual machines using a single platform.

"Linux presents a unique set of management challenges that differ markedly from Windows or UNIX. The propensity for Linux customization, and high potential for human error due to inexperience with Linux, only adds to the TCO of running an enterprise data center on Linux," said Andi Mann, Research Director of Enterprise Management Associates' Systems Management Practice. "Linux data center automation becomes critical to enterprise efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and Levanta's pure-play Linux approach will have a significant impact on the data center automation market."

Levanta 6.0 retails from $19,900 with 20 server license bundle for the Intrepid S appliance. All offerings include lifecycle management, monitoring, and automation capabilities.