Apache Velocity 1.5 Released

The Apache Velocity Team announces the immediate availability of the of Apache Velocity 1.5. This long-awaited release is the first major release of the Velocity engine as an Apache top level project (TLP).

Apache Velocity is well-known in the Java field as a lightweight, easy-to-use templating library for creating dynamic web sites and performing other text-generation tasks.

Besides improved template syntax and a slew of bug fixes, this release offers a range of features that enhance performance and ease the process of integration with other applications and web frameworks. A few highlights:

* Improved syntax with new capability for decimal numbers, literal map definitions, multi-line statements, and support for automatic escaping of HTML and other special entities.

* New capabilities to aid integration with other applications and web frameworks, including enhanced error reporting, a new logging subsystem, and a switch to unchecked instead of checked exceptions.

* Correction of several important scalability problems, including a Least Recently Used (LRU) cache implementation and a fix to a nasty race condition that could occur under heavy load conditions.

* Almost all known bugs have been fixed, including issues with macro recursion, a SQL injection vulnerability, several memory leaks and compile-time incompatibilities with Java 1.5 and 1.6.

Detailed release notes are available at:

Apache Velocity 1.5 is downloadable from the Apache Velocity web site