YellowDog Linux 5.0.2 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Yellow Dog Linux(TM) v5.0.2, a single Install DVD with support for the Apple G4 and G5 computers, Sony PS3, and IBM 'System p' servers, including the JS20/21, OpenPower, and current POWER5 systems.

Terra Soft's Yellow Dog Linux continues to lead the charge with the most stable, functional, and thoroughly tested Linux OS for the Power architecture. With forthcoming support for additional, existing and new Power systems while maintaining enterprise level support for Mercury and IBM Cell blades*, Yellow Dog Linux unifies the Power ecosystem.

Seamless code migration from the former Apple PowerPC product line to the latest IBM Cell blades reduces complexity in code development. Identical end user experience across multiple systems, from installation to application reduces total cost of ownership (and generally helps users feel happy).

Yellow Dog Linux v5.0.2 offers:
- kernel 2.6.22rc4
- SDK v2.0 for Cell BE
- more than 70 bug fixes and updates
- continued support for both 32- and 64-bit systems
- beta IBM 'System p' support**

The IBM Software Development Toolkit (SDK) for Cell Broadband Engine (Cell BE) is a complete package of tools which allows developers to program optimized applications for platforms built upon the Cell BE. The SDK is composed of development tool chains, software libraries, and sample source.

Yellow Dog Linux v5.0.2 is immediately available via Enhanced accounts
and the Terra Soft Store as shipping DVD product. A printed Guide to Installation is included with each package, appropriate for the product selected.