Cablecam Wows Football Fans with RTLinux

FSMLabs announced that its flagship RTLinux real-time software is now being used in Cablecam flying cameras used to film NFL and other sporting events. Cablecam is a provider of footage for NFL and NCAA football games as well as for the motion picture industry.

“Flying expensive cameras 12-50 feet in the air above football stars on live TV is a mission critical application” explained Cablecam founder Jim Rudnusky. “RTLinux was chosen for its reliability: it keeps personnel safe and ensures that the camera keeps flying when the game is on the air. The deterministic timing available from RTLinux is crucial to achieving smooth motor motion at high torque. The Cablecam application could not be achieved by anything less than a hard real-time OS.”

Cablecam Wows Football Fans with RTLinux.