Advanced Security Management Tool for Linux

Trusted Computer Solutions announced the launch of Security Blanket, a system lock-down and security management tool that enables systems administrators to automatically configure and enhance the security level of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating platform. Supporting Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and 5, this Linux security solution simplifies the current arduous methods for "hardening" systems that administrators must address on a regular basis.

Security Blanket is a menu-driven solution with an easy-to-use user interface that enables administrators to run predefined profiles that automate industry-standard best practices for hardening Linux. The profiles are based on security guidelines recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Center for Internet Security (CIS). Alternatively, users can customize profiles that support their own security policies. Once a profile is selected, the product quickly assesses the system and provides indicators to show the status of the system's conformance to the security guidelines. The conformance indicators show Pass, Fail or Not Applicable. By clicking on any failed criteria, the user receives a detailed description of the failure, suggestions on modification and a choice to accept modification or ignore.

Without a system lock down tool, system administrators have to rely on unsupported open source solutions, expensive tools built into large security packages or lock down their OS manually. According to a recent * Forrester study, "Although server hardening is a well-established practice, only 45 percent of interviewees harden all of their servers and 26 percent left some Internet-facing servers unhardened. Why don't they? Perhaps because they feel they can't spare the time - today, 53 percent of systems administrators harden their servers manually."

"Trusted Computer Solutions has been a great partner in building secure solutions that complement the security capabilities in Red Hat Enterprise Linux," said Karl Wirth, director of security business at Red Hat. "TCS's new solution should be a useful tool for those organizations looking to simplify system hardening."

Not only does the product greatly simplify the system lockdown process for system administrators, but a robust set of reports record all actions performed on the system providing management with auditing that helps them monitor the security of their systems over time.

"With more than half of all North America IT shops running a Linux operating system of some kind, Security Blanket addresses an immediate need to help administrators ensure these systems are locked down," said Ed Hammersla, chief operating officer for TCS. "System lock down is a known best practice for server security, yet the majority of administrators don't do it because traditional methods are time consuming, complex and can be disruptive if not done properly. We believe we have enabled administrators to solve this problem with the introduction of Security Blanket."

Security Blanket will be generally available on September 17, 2007 and costs $198 per license.

About Trusted Computer Solutions, Inc.

Founded in 1994, Trusted Computer Solutions (TCS) provides commercial and government organizations with solutions for securely sharing and protecting critical information assets. TCS has deep experience in developing solutions to support the Linux community. The company's flagship commercial product, Security Blanket provides Linux users with an automated software tool that allows users to easily lock down an installed Linux operating system and periodically check the security state of an installed system. TCS has over thirteen years of experience in building security solutions that meet the most stringent security conformance requirements as mandated by the Federal government. TCS is headquartered in Herndon, Va., with offices in Urbana, Ill. and San Antonio, Tx. For more information, visit