Paragon Software Launches New Version of NTFS for Linux

Paragon Software Group, the technological leader in innovative data security and data management technology, announced that it has released Paragon NTFS for Linux 6.0, the latest in its family of software. The product’s purpose is to provide reliable, rapid and transparent read/write access to NTFS volumes under Linux. Among the new improvements and features in this release are complete support for 64 bit CPU architecture, Windows Vista NTFS file system, the latest Linux kernel and also includes performance enhancements.

Paragon NTFS for Linux Standard Solution comes with two editions that differ in provided extra functionality:

Personal Edition - includes the NTFS for Linux driver. Also included is a bootable recovery CD with the driver built in. This CD allows the user to boot their system and access NTFS and Linux volumes with read and write access. The user can change configuration files, add any driver and retrieve important documents by writing them onto any removable media or a network share.

Professional Edition – includes the components of the Personal Edition and offers additional utilities that provide the ability to check file system integrity, defragment, wipe, create NTFS volumes, perform NTFS file system related tasks, copy (backup/restore) files/directories, including maintaining all file attributes. Also included is Paragon LDM (Logical Disk Manager) driver – a special driver that controls the ability to mount all Microsoft Dynamic Volumes (simple, spanned, striped, mirrored and RAID5) under Linux OS.

System Requirements:
• OS: Standard Linux distribution with kernel 2.4.x or 2.6.x;
• RAM: 16MB;
• CPU: i386 or higher;
• CD-ROM to use the additional bootable CD;

Also available for developers is our Universal File System Driver Software Development Kit (UFSD SDK). This SDK provides documentation, tools, and sample code to help you build support for non-supported file systems into applications.

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