aKademy 2006 Schedule Finalized

More than 200 members of the KDE community, related projects, industry partners, and interested users will be gathering Friday for aKademy 2006 at the Trinity College Dublin to work on the next-generation desktop, KDE 4, and desktop standards. The aKademy conference will run through Saturday, September 23, through Saturday, September 30.

Attendees will begin arriving on Friday, September 22. The KDE Contributors Conference will run from Saturday, September 23 to Sunday, September 24. The conference will feature tracks on cross-desktop development, KDE 4 planning, programming, community building, and an Asia track to help build bridges to Asian communities.

Speakers for the two days of the conference include Aaron J. Seigo, Waldo Bastian, John Cherry, Keith Packard, David Faure, Adriaan de Groot, Jens Herden, and many other active contributors to KDE and other open source community projects. The conference will wrap up Sunday with the aKademy Award Ceremony and closing talk.

Monday, September 25, is the KDE e.V. General Assembly Day for members of KDE e.V. only. The KDE e.V. is a non-profit organization representing and supporting the KDE project in financial and legal matters.

Tuesday, September 26, is the OpenDocument Day at aKademy. The event is open to all developers interested in working on the OpenDocument Format (ODF). Topics will include interoperability between ODF implementations, new uses for ODF, libraries and tools for ODF, and extensions for ODF.

The aKademy conference will also feature Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Day on Wednesday, September 27. This event is organized by the Human Computer Interaction Working Group, formed at last year's aKademy. HCI Day will focus on accessibility, usability, internationalization, the Human Interface Guidelines (HIG), artwork, and documentation to create a better and more usable KDE interface for all users.

aKademy will also feature a coding marathon, to run daily from Tuesday, September 26, through Saturday, September 30. Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions will also be scheduled daily from Tuesday through Saturday. The preliminary Birds of a Feather sessions already scheduled include BoFs for Kubuntu, KDE PIM, Collaboration and Web Services, Marketing KDE, and Regional KDE Groups. BoF slots are still open, and may be scheduled through Cornelius Schumacher.

aKademy 2006 is organized by a local team of volunteers headed by Marcus Furlong, the KDE e.V., and other members of the KDE community.

aKademy is made possible by a number of sponsors: The host sponsor is the School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College Dublin. Kubuntu and OSDL are this year's Gold Sponsors. Intel, Klarälvdalens Datakonsult AB, NLNet, Trolltech, Xandros, Ricoh, and Nokia are this year's Silver Sponsors. Enterprise Ireland, Google, Staikos Computing, and Novell are Bronze Sponsors. Linux Magazine, O'Reilly, and RealNetworks are the Media Sponsors, and aKademy 2006 is also sponsored by Tight Poker.