Pointsec unveils new version of Linux encryption software

Pointsec, the global leader and the provider of the de facto standard for enterprise security software for laptop and desktop PCs, PDAs and smart¬phones, today announced the latest version of its endpoint encryption software for Linux desktops and laptops, Pointsec for Linux 2.0. Committed to its continued support of Linux-based operating systems, Pointsec now offers Linux users new features including support for remote help, single sign-on and broader security for all system files starting from a pre-boot authentication.

Pointsec has expanded its products to provide out-of-the-box endpoint encryption software for standard Linux kernels on desktops and laptops, reducing both cost and risk for organizations.

The newest version of Pointsec for Linux continues to provide an endpoint encryption solution with an even lower total cost of ownership, through improved usability and management features that ease the burden on administrators. With its support for standard Linux kernels, users and administrators are not required to rebuild the kernel in order to work with Pointsec for Linux 2.0.