OpenSSL Project Adopts the Next Generation Standard Cipher 'Camellia'

The OpenSSL Project, an international open source community, adopted "Camellia," a 128-bit block cipher(1) algorithm jointly developed in 2000 by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation ('NTT') and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation ('Mitsubishi'), into its OpenSSL toolkit for use in the development of SSL/TLS(2) protocol.

To support a secure advanced information society, and with the goal of disseminating Camellia, which was selected as a major international standard and recommended cipher, NTT released Camellia source codes as open source on April 13, 2006 so that Camellia can be freely used as an international basic technology. NTT has also provided its source codes to open source communities.

As a result, in September of this year Camellia was incorporated into OpenSSL version 0.9.8c.

The adoption of Camellia into the OpenSSL toolkit means that Camellia provides security and performance equivalent to the US government standard cipher AES(3) and is the world's only alternative to AES. From now on, since the OpenSSL toolkit equipped with Camellia will be installed into WWW servers worldwide and used as a world leading open cryptographic toolkit, we anticipate that Camellia will be spread even further through its use and commercialization on a global scale.

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