Turbolinux new Linux desktop device Wizpy

Turbolinux, Inc., a global leader of Linux-based solutions, announced last month in Japan that they will release the new product wizpy which is Linux embedded and portable USB bootable device with digital audio capability.

The main concept of wizpy is "turn all the world's computer into your PC".

The idea behind this product is that everyone thinks that operating system has to come with the computers. On the other hand, Turbolinux separated operating system and computers, and created OS portability. By connecting this 60g small device to any computer, wherever you want, you can use "your own" operating system and "your own" desktop.

Turbolinux ensure that this revolutionary separation brings enormous benefit to your PC life as follows: First, you do not have to carry around a heavy laptop computer any more. Because, with wizpy, all the data and applications you need are always in your hand. There is no need to carry a heavy laptop.

Secondly, the security level becomes much higher since all the data is always in your hand. No one can sneak in your office, open up your desktop computers, and steal your data any more. In addition, you can feel safe to trade stock online in the public space like Internet cafe because no data is left behind on the computer.

Thirdly, the privacy level becomes much higher. Imagine if you share a computer with family, but you don't want to show your information to others. With wizpy, your privacy including files and bookmarks is always in your hand, and no one else can reach it.

In addition, wizpy has portable digital player features including music player, movie player, photo viewer, FM Radio and etc.). Thus, you can use wizpy as an cool entertainment tool even if you don't need a computer.

Therefore, Turbolinux believes that wizpy revolutionizes your PC life.

The product will become available, first in Japan, on February 2007 and will gradually release in other areas of the world in later 2007.

- Specifications -
* Size: Length 84mm x Width 42mm x Depth 12mm
* Weight: 60g
* Color: Solid White

- Features -
* Including Web browser, E-mail and Office software will be available.

* Audio Player (OSS, MP3, ACC formats supported)
* Voice Recorder in MP3 format
* FM Radio Player
* Jpeg Photo Viewer
* DivX Video Player
* Text Viewer

Linuxlookup.com will be reviewing the Wizpy in the new year, stay tuned for details.